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IV Therapy


Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Drip IV therapy.

  • What is IV Nutrition Therapy?

    IV Nutrition Therapy is an intravenous treatment where nutrients are infused directly into the bloodstream.

    They are very powerful and have great success in clients who have issues with oral administration, including absorption issues, stomach upset, and loss of potency.

  • How does IV therapy work?

    When you infuse these nutrients through an IV, you are getting a significantly higher percent of the nutrients delivered directly into your blood stream bypassing the digestive system all together.

    Utilizing this method, more of the nutrients can be delivered to the cells throughout your body. 

  • Why should I get an IV if I can just take vitamins by mouth?

    IV nutrition works as an infusion of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients delivered directly into the bloodstream. This is the most effective and powerful way to deliver these nutrients to your body and brain.

    When you take vitamins by mouth the absorption of nutrients from your stomach can be minimal. Many times it does not matter what you eat or drink, you may not be getting more than a very small percent of the nutrients into your blood system.

    When you infuse these nutrients through an IV, you are getting a significantly higher percentage of the nutrients delivered directly into your bloodstream bypassing the digestive system altogether. Utilizing this method, more of the nutrients can be delivered to the cells throughout your body.

  • Why do I need all of these vitamins and other nutrients?

    As we age we become more nutritionally deficient, leading to possible cellular changes that can damage your DNA – damage that can lead to premature aging, chronic disease, cancer, and early death.

    IV nutrition therapy presents a powerful way to assist the body at a cellular level, be more efficient, and to also repair itself from the toxic environment that we live in.

    Therapies that help repair the damages we encounter are called regenerative medicine. Nutritional IV therapy can help you to quickly fight the effects of free radicals and other toxins we experience daily.

  • What can IV nutritional therapy do for me?

    IV Nutrient Therapy has a variety of uses, from energy and immune-boosting to detoxification and age management and even weight loss. IVs are administered at our medical office under the supervision of trained medical personnel.

    Your treatment can be very customized to fit your individual needs.  IV Therapy provides a natural alternative to achieving optimal health by giving you the vitamins and minerals your body needs for optimal functioning.

    Whether you are looking to fight the effects of aging, hydrate after running a marathon, fight back against on-coming illness, or detoxify and clean your body after a vacation or long night on the town, IV therapy will help you reach the optimum quality of life and ultimate vitality.

  • What can I expect from an IV infusion?

    Drip IV will take approximately 30 to 45 minutes to administer.

    You’ll feel invigorated almost immediately, and the benefits can last for days.

    Total treatment courses will vary. Many will experience immediate results, but initially, a series of multiple IV therapy sessions, with monthly follow-up treatments may be needed to achieve maximum benefits.

  • Drip IV Locations

    Drip IV is conveniently located in Lafayette and Baton Rouge, La.

    Drip IV Therapies

    4906 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy Bldg B, Lafayette, LA 70508

    Drip IV Lounge & Aesthetics

    7731 Perkins Rd STE 135, Baton Rouge, LA 70810

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