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What is NAD+?

NAD+ is a critical signaling molecule and redox cofactor which is involved in a wide range of biological processes that maintain our health and vitality.  NAD+ levels decline naturally as we age, and are also depleted by toxins, alcohol, tobacco, poor diet, stress, inadequate sleep, too much or too little exercise, lack of exposure to sunlight, chronic infections, social isolation/loneliness, EMFs, etc.
In today’s toxic environment, NAD+ levels can be compared to the bank account of someone who inherited a sum of money when they were born but who can’t seem to earn as much money as they spend.  Over time, as large and small withdrawals are made, the account balance declines unless significant deposits are made.

Why NAD+ Therapy?

NAD+ therapy has been shown to be beneficial for those that are looking for relief from the multitude of changes associated with age-related diseases, and chronic fatigue.

Use our IV NAD+ Therapy to boost your metabolism, increase energy and productivity, to slow down the effects of aging, as an anti-inflammatory, and reverse neurodegenerative diseases and chronic illnesses.

Now offering a quick, alternative option!

Replacing depleted NAD+, usually through the IV route, can have dramatic benefits. NAD+ IVs take time. What if they don’t fit into my busy schedule? We now offer subcutaneous injections to provide an option to fit your schedule and needs.

NAD+ Injections

This is a quick injection of a small dose of NAD+ into the tissue just below your skin. It can be given in the back of the arm, abdomen, or flank. This allows for slow absorption into the bloodstream over the course of several hours.
Typically patients will have this administered at a quick 15 minute clinic visit. It may also be administered to detox patients after finishing an IV infusion to prolong the delivery of NAD+ to the body for and additional several hours after the infusion has ended.
An increasing number of doctors are clearly seeing positive clinical outcomes over a wide range of conditions with NAD+ therapy administered intravenously (IV) and subcutaneously (SQ).



Initial NAD+ Dose



1.5+ hour infusion of 250mg NAD+

Follow Up NAD+



3+ hour infusion of 500mg NAD+


Myers Cocktail and Glutathione Push

*Recommended for those who have already tried the 1st Time NAD+ Treatment

Subcutaneous (SQ) NAD+ Injections

$60 - $125



100mg: $85

150mg: $105

200mg: $125



100mg: $100

150mg: $125

200mg: $150


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