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IV Therapy

Why Immunity IV?

At Drip IV, our Immunity Drip  is designed with the specific aim of bolstering your body's immune response and safeguarding your overall well-being, enabling you to maintain your productivity and enjoy life to the fullest.

This intravenous nutritional infusion is enriched with substantial doses of vitamin C and zinc, both of which play vital roles in your body's detoxification processes and its innate defense mechanisms.

The unique advantage of receiving these essential nutrients through IV therapy lies in their swift and efficient absorption directly into your bloodstream, bypassing the need for digestion and subsequent absorption. Consequently, the effects of the Immunity Drip become evident almost immediately, providing you with the desired immunity boost.

Is Immunity IV For You?

Our busy and constant "go" life many of us lead, often causes our immunity to take a dive. Most days we are in close contact with many people, causing our immune system is constantly be challenged.

On top of that, skipping a meal or a night of sleep, you are compounding these effects.

Your immune system must work harder than you think to keep you healthy, and it is up to you to support it as much as possible.


What is in the Immunity IV?

Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Zinc Chloride

Zinc Chloride

B Complex

B Complex

Potential Benefits from Immunity IV

  • Protects from or fights viral and bacterial infections, the common cold, seasonal allergies, or the flu

  • Improves healing time from surgery

  • Improves hydration during sickness

  • Builds up your immune system

  • Improves conditions caused by allergies and asthma

  • Reduces duration of illnesses

  • These ingredients are also great for hair, skin, and nails!

Immunity IV Pricing



IV Therapy



45 min

Contains both vitamin C and Zinc, for your body’s detox and natural defense system, with B vitamins to boost energy.

Available Add-On:


*Glutathione, a potent antioxidant naturally produced in the liver, helps decrease inflammation and
boost immunity and metabolism, making it an excellent complement to our Immunity Drip.


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