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IM Therapy

Intramuscular shots (IM) are injections of micronutrients directly into the muscle to ensure fast and effective delivery into the body.

Energy Vitamin


Non-Members: $30
Members: $25



Boosts Mood

Biotin B7

Improves hair, skin, and nails
Non-Members: $30 (1ml)
Members: $20 (1ml)
Non-Members: $45  (2ml)
Members: $35 (2ml)

"Sunshine Vitamin"

Vitamin D3

Non-Members: $25 Regular Dose 
Members: $15 Regular Dose

Amino Acid Blend

Amino Shot

Non-Members: $35
Members: $25

Infection Protection


 Improves healing time & reduces duration of illness
Non-Members: $50
Members: $40

Improves Metabolism


Combo of B Vitamins, Minerals, & Amino Acids 
Decreases appetite & increases energy 
Non-Members: $33 each or $110 for 1 month (4 shots)
Members: $25 each or $95 for 1 month (4 shots)

Promotes Heart Health


Keeps skin looking young & provides migraine relief 
Non-Members: $40 (1ml)
Members: $30 (1ml)
Non-Members: $60 (2ml)
Members: $45 (2ml)

"Master" Antioxidant


Provides immune system support, detoxifies the body, boosts energy, and helps prevent cell damage by decreasing inflammation
Non-Members: $42
Members: $32

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