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Countering the Effects of COVID-19

Feb 8, 2021 2:13:54 PM

Feature Image - Drip IV (3)With COVID-19 showing no signs of slowing down, we are faced with finding ways to be more proactive in preventing or fighting the disease. We’ve gotten used to our new norm of social distancing and wearing masks, but let’s talk about how taking proactive measures in boosting our immune systems can prevent and even counter effects of the Coronavirus.

Vitamin D is key in fighting Covid-19

Taking in Vitamin D has been shown to be a simple way to fight off COVID-19. How essential is Vitamin D? Studies have shown that people with low vitamin D are at a higher risk of dying or getting on a ventilator to fight for their lives. If a COVID-19 patient can be without a ventilator, their immune system can be boosted with vitamin nutrition.

The most recent studies indicate 9 out of 10 COVID-19 deaths could have been prevented had those people maintained sufficient Vitamin D levels.

Most people need at least 20 minutes of sunlight daily to maintain an adequate amount of Vitamin D. In the colder months, Vitamin D levels are lower because less people are outside getting sun exposure. This is when supplementing Vitamin D is necessary to maintain healthy levels.

Vitamin D is not only being used as a preventative measure, but also as a treatment option for COVID-19. Now more than ever, vitamins and micronutrients are vital for maintaining a strong immune system.

At Drip IV, we offer Vitamin D boosters!

Vitamin D

Boost your immune system with essential micronutrients

Various vitamins and micronutrients play a significant role in positive immune response against the Coronavirus. Supplementation of these vitamins and micronutrients is important in preventing the development or severe symptoms. It’s been shown that a deficiency of these key nutrients can make people more susceptible to getting COVID-19.

It’s time to boost your immune system! Taking preventative measures will help lower the risk of getting COVID-19 as well as aid in fighting the infection if contracted.

Let Drip IV help keep you healthy 

Come to Drip IV and let us provide you with an immune boosting IV drip! While receiving your IV drip, you can also receive a quick Vitamin D injection. IV therapy is safe, effective and restorative.

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