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Hungover? Let Drip IV Help Get You Back On Your Feet Quickly!

Dec 31, 2020 3:50:38 PM

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In South Louisiana, we work hard and party harder! At Drip IV Therapies, we provide a great preventive or reactive service for hangovers. Keep reading to learn about how you can get a discount on our Hangover Drip!


It's no secret that hangovers can be harsh! They are caused by the dehydration and nutrient depletion caused by excessive alcohol consumption. The end result is a list of symptoms that can be devitalizing. These symptom include dehydration, nausea, headaches, muscle aches, or an upset stomach. Without proper or rapid treatment, these symptoms can last for hours.

Our Hangover Drip will return those essential minerals, vitamins, and electrolytes to your body restoring your energy faster and maybe even better than before that night on the town.

Partnership WITH CB

Discount Cards - Drip IV _ Corner BarWe are proud to partner with your favorite local spot, Corner Bar! At Corner Bar, you're greeted by professional, friendly bartenders and staff along with other great customers. Drop by and join the locals, pass a good time, and keep your receipt! Bring your Corner Bar receipt to Drip IV Therapies and get a discount on your next Hangover drip! 

 Laissez Le Bon Temps Rouler!

quick recovery

Drip IV's Hangover treatment is a quick and effective method to quickly combat hangover symptoms in less than an hour. This treatment restores nutrients lost, rehydrates your body, flushes out toxins, and cleanses your system. Our formula includes anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory medications to provide fast relief.

Our IV Therapy treatment will get you back on your feet quickly!

Not Just for Hangovers

Our Hangover IV is not just for people that overdid it the night before! If you're feeling jet-lagged, overworked, or stressed, this drip is a great solution!


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dripiv - no letters-1We are an a leader in the delivery of intravenous micro-nutrient therapies.

We Provide Effective Treatment and IV nutrition therapies for NAD+, Energy Boost, Hydration, Immunity, Performance & Recovery and Hangover Remedy.


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