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Countdown to Christmas: 12 days of deals

Countdown to Christmas: 12 days of deals

It's that time of year again between Black Friday and Christmas when everyone is looking for a deal. As such, we've carried on our annual tradition -12 Days of Deals. Check out what we're offering this year!

Our Giveaway 

Starting Saturday, December 12th, we're kicking off our 12 days until Christmas Eve! The holiday spirit is about giving and celebrating the season. Everyone has a little extra skip in their step and larger smile on their face. 

To make that joyful experience that much more special, see below for what new deals we're offering. And guess what? Every deal you participate in, you'll be counted in our drawing to win the final giveaway - a FREE drip! So if you get three deals, that's three times the chance to win!

A Deal a Day

Check out each of the deals we're offering!

  • Day 12 - Saturday: 1/2 off B12 shots
  • Day 11 - Sunday: $11 off Vitamin D injection
  • Day 10 - Monday: 10% off Hangover infusions 
  • Day 9 - Tuesday: Free Tri-Immune injection 
  • Day 8 - Wednesday: Buy 8 weight loss injections & get 4 free
  • Day 7 - Thursday: $70 off Lux Beauty drip
  • Day 6 - Friday: Free add-on to any drip
  • Day 5 - Saturday: 50% off an energy drip
  • Day 4 - Sunday: 40% off any drip
  • Day 3 - Monday: Buy 2 drips & get 1 free
  • Day 2 - Tuesday: 20% off any mg NAD+ injection
  • Day 1 - CHRISTMAS EVE: Free drip giveaway!

Join in our celebration

Book your appointment today or connect with us to get your countdown deal!

About Drip IV

Drip IV Logo-1Drip IV is a leader in the delivery of intravenous micronutrient therapies servicing both Lafayette and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. As a drip infusion bar, we provide Semaglutide for weight loss, NAD+,  and IV nutrition therapies for EnergyHydrationImmunityPerformance & Recovery, Hangover Remedy, which may benefit COVID-19 and Long COVID symptoms and recovery. Our Baton Rouge location is proud to offer Stem Cells and aesthetic services like BOTOX, Dysport, Xeomin, and Lip Fillers and will be offering SkinCeuticals medical grade skincare.

Lafayette: 4906 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy, Bldg. B, Lafayette, LA 70508
Baton Rouge: 7731 Perkins Rd STE 135, Baton Rouge, LA 70810

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