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Oral vitamins vs. IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy

Jul 7, 2020 2:03:11 PM

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Most people have a general idea of what vitamins are — they’re good for you and essential for optimal health. But did you know that IV Vitamin Infusions are more effective than oral vitamins? The infusions deliver 100% of each vitamin into your bloodstream giving you a much higher concentration of vitamins than you can ever get via oral intake.

Is it necessary? Who needs that type of treatment? What are the benefits of infusion therapy over taking vitamins orally? Keep reading for more information.

IS vitamin infusion therapy RIGHT FOR YOU?

Great candidates for this kind of treatment are patients who, due to their medical condition or illness, aren’t able to eat as much food or their body isn’t absorbing a sufficient number of nutrients.

If you're someone who cannot take medication orally, this is the right treatment for you. Maybe you are someone who can take medication orally but whose disease doesn't respond well to that type of medication — you can opt for IV infusion therapy instead.

Other uses include boosting the immune system, boosting your mood, increasing energy levels, and curing dehydration.


IV vitamin infusions work by delivering potent blends of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrients via an IV line into a vein in your arm. 

The process is fast and convenient. Little activity is required from you — an interview that helps our professionals understand your medical history, a short physical exam that involves taking vital signs and performing an assessment, and holding out your arm.

Based on your symptoms, the healthcare specialist will create a customized "drip" of IV vitamin therapy for treatment. Our administering professional will monitor you to make sure the IV drip is flowing at the correct rate through the duration of your infusion. The entire process usually takes somewhere between 30 minutes to an hour.

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BENEFITS OF Vitamin Infusion Therapy

Personalized Dosage.

When taking vitamins orally, you consume whatever amount is already included in the pill.

When receiving vitamin infusion therapy, all things that are relevant specifically to you (age, existing medical conditions, metabolism, genetics, etc.) will be taken into account when creating your "drip" in order to maximize the benefits.

A Higher Absorption Rate.

Oral vitamins have to compete with each other for access to your bloodstream. Your body has to metabolize them as they go through your digestive system.

IV Vitamin infusion therapy delivers 100% of each vitamin directly into your blood stream so your body absorbs a high percentage of the nutrients. 

IMMEDIATE Hydration.

Hydration IV Therapy rapidly replenishes fluids in your body in ways that drinking water can't. This treatment can be beneficial to patients with moderate to severe dehydration.

Several vitamins aid in hydration including vitamins A, C, and E. While there are over-the-counter vitamins that contain these nutrients, certain medical conditions prevent your body from fully absorbing them. Infusion therapy ensures a higher percentage of absorption of the nutrients your body needs.

Ask us about our add ons, like Vitamin D, Biotin and CoQ10!

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